Our Work in Films and Radio

The American Language Fund, a non-profit organization that supports endangered languages and cultures, has made significant contributions to the world of film production. One of its most notable projects is its partnership with director Alex Pritz on the award-winning documentary, The Territory. The fund provided film production support for the movie and received three credits for its contributions, including two in the music department for field recordings of Gene Osagie and Milton Fernandez.

The Utopíans

In addition to The Territory, the American Language Fund has also supported other films that highlight the importance of preserving cultural diversity and endangered languages. The fund is an executive producer for The Utopians, a mini-series that explores the impact of lithium extraction on the indigenous communities of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The American Language Fund's involvement in this project underscores its commitment to advocating for marginalized communities and cultures.

Broken Specter

The American Language Fund's work in the film industry extends beyond supporting individual productions. The fund has also helped filmmakers like Irish artist Richard Mosse to preserve and disseminate their work. In Mosse's case, the fund supported the post-production moving of film rolls from the Amazon Rainforest to his studio in Queens, New York. This support ensures that Mosse's art can be shared with a wider audience, helping to raise awareness about the destruction of the Amazon Rainforest and the importance of environmental conservation.

The Territory

Overall, the American Language Fund's involvement in film production reflects its broader mission to promote the preservation of endangered languages and cultures. Through its work with filmmakers and other artists, the fund has made significant contributions to the world of cinema while also advancing its critical cause.


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