Our Leadership

Get to know the passionate individuals who drive our mission forward. Learn about the talented and diverse team behind our organization, each contributing their unique expertise and commitment to making a positive impact in our communities. Together, we strive to create meaningful change and foster a better future for all.


Gene Osagie

CEO and Founder of the American Language Fund, with extensive management experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as major international development agencies such as Catholic Charities, Plan International, and the United Nations. With an MA in International Educational Development from Columbia University, Gene is also a field linguist and speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.


Ana Suelly Cabral

Director of Linguistics with a distinguished career in the field and one of the most celebrated linguists in the world. Ana specializes in the Tupi-Guarani language family and is the Director of the Linguistics Department at the University of Brasilia.


Romer Toledo Guzman

Chief Legal Officer and Chief of Staff with 15 years of experience in the Amazon Basin as well as the region of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. With an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Gabriel Renee Moreno, Romer is the official legal representative of the NGO in Bolivia.



Head of Transportation and Project Management, overseeing logistics and coordination for our initiatives in the Amazon region. His expertise ensures efficient movement of resources, personnel, and equipment, supporting our mission to protect indigenous communities' cultural and linguistic heritage.


Moises Cavinas Roman

Logistics Coordinator responsible for coordinating logistics and transport of engineers primarily for water projects in the Bolivian and Brazilian Amazon.


Dayana Jimenez

Chief Communications Officer with 8 years of experience in education project management in the Amazon Basin. With a background in pedagogy, Dayana oversees and manages internal communications to assure the quality of the execution of projects in remote regions of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.


Edmund Dao

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder with a strong background in relevant field or industry and years of experience. Edmund's specific area of expertise is in software engineering, and he has held previous job titles such as Lead Software Engineer and Software Development Manager.


William Cuellars

Director of Indigenous Relations with 20 years of experience as a politician for the state government of El Beni, as leader of the Siriono tribe, and professor of the Siriono Language. Willan's focus is on building relationships and creating opportunities for indigenous popuplations in the Amazon Basin.


Apolo Jimenez

Director of Engineering with 15 years of experience in civil engineering, specifically in school infrastructure. Apolo oversees a team of 20 contracted engineers and assistants, ensuring the successful completion of various school infrastructure projects.


Milton Fernandez

Project Manager with 25 years of experience working in tourism and indigenous advocacy on behalf of the Tatuyo and Dessana populations in the region of Manaus Brazil. Milton speaks French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English.


Gindel Delgado

Chief Audiovisual Officer with 10 years of experience in documentary film and photojournalism with NBC, FRANCE 24, DW, CNN, and the BBC. Gindel's specific area of expertise is cinematography, and he has been nominated for an Emmy Award for his documentary film work with Vice Media on HBO.


Daniel Tomelic

Director of Donor Relations with years of experience in the field and expertise in fundraising and relationship management.

Board Members

Our board comprises accomplished professionals who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to our organization. With their strategic guidance and unwavering commitment, we are able to make a tangible impact on education and cultural preservation in the region. Get to know the exceptional individuals driving our mission and shaping a brighter future in the Amazon Basin.

Frederick Bernas

Freelance journalist for the BBC, CNN, AP. London, England.

Chris Sciotti

Attorney, Sciotti Law PC. Detroit, Michigan. Board Chair.

Scott Man

Former engineer at Tesla Motors, active member of Chickasaw Nation. Baltimore, Maryland.

Michael Gerber

Investor, former staff of Embassy of Switzerland to Bolivia. Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Dr. Alex Yee

Dental Surgeon, Fundraiser and Investor in Amazon Basin Projects. Boston, Massachusettes. Vice Chair.

Edward Smith

Head of Counsel, T-Mobile. Miami, Florida.

Dr. Ana Suelly Cabral

Head of Linguistics Department, University of Brasilia. Brasilia, Brazil.


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